Scribble This!

Scribbling is a new art form, much like the art of journaling, however you can doodle, mind map and draw to your heart’s delight.  This process allows you to depict a buried emotion that words cannot adequately express or depict for you.  So, do yourself a favor and stay cheerful as you take a pen in hand and let your brain communicate anything that is flowing through your mind.  Get these thoughts and feelings rumbling through your head down on paper.  This is known as a brain dump!  Allowing these silly little thoughts to find their own private space on the page, won’t disable your momentum by carrying around all these nonsense thoughts while you carefully try to sort them out during your day.  Your best choice is  get rid of those nagging thoughts taking up residence in your mind.  After all, you can tackle this situation in a healthier manner through using this simple scribble technique. 

Scribble any of your ideas down (including doodling or drawings) in a notebook and  give them a title if you want, but do make a concerted  effort of keeping them in a chronological order by date, so it is easier for you to recall the inspiration behind this urge to write down any messages.  Notice if your scribblings take on a certain theme.  You might be noticing a story is trying to emerge.  Have fun and enjoy this adventure!


About J.C. Cavanaugh

J.C. Cavanaugh, Author and Founder of Scribble Society, established an on-line Writing Community designed especially for Women yearning to discover their voice. Ladies, here's a personal invitation, to come write with us and witness how your story magically comes to Life on the page ~ as a book, short story or screenplay!
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